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"Tim has provided exceptional customer service to our team. With the majority of our business being conducted online, Great Divide IT makes sure our systems are running top notch. Tim has the latest technologies mastered and is great at sharing his knowledge in ways to make our processes more efficient, while keeping costs in mind. We have grown exponentially over the past few years and want to say thank you to Tim and his crew for addressing all of our IT needs efficiently and professionally as we grew! I would highly recommend them."

Debt Servicing

"Over the last year and half as the CTO of InsideValuation and now LRES Corporation, I have had the pleasure of working with Tim and the Great Divide IT team. In one word… Tim has been AWESOME in servicing the very dynamic needs of my organization. Beyond Tim’s technical knowledge and awareness of the industry, he also understands the delicate nuances of working within real world financial parameters. In all aspects of his service: communicating technical information to me to make critical informed decisions, working with my team to implement the solutions, to following up to make sure the customer satisfaction has been met…. Tim and his team have exceeded my expectations. Not only has this given me the confidence that my organization’s IT needs are being met, his support has allowed me to strategically move beyond to growing my organization for the future. Like I said… AWESOME!”

Commercial Appraisals

"Great Divide made a huge difference for our business. They off loaded a lot of work we were doing in-house and do cheaper, better, and faster. This included everything from supporting PC, mobile phones, desk phones, internet and networking and the support has been phenomenal. Recently, we migrated to using workplace_ which solved three problems at once. We get directory services, file sharing and single sign-on which our users love. Great work Great Divide!"

Payment Solutions

"Great Divide IT has transformed my small business computer system from a garage operation into the real deal on a small business budget! I sleep better knowing everything is backed up, especially the work I do for the federal government. When I have a problem, help is on the way within minutes. My system is running better than ever and with the custom and personal support I get with Great Divide, I would never imagine going back to Geek Squad!"

Environmental Consulting

"The customer service we receive from Great Divide IT is beyond excellent! When there is an issue, it is addressed almost immediately by remote access. If it is an on site situation, it is also quickly resolved. Knowing that Tim is handling our security and data storage, we are confident that our clients information is safe and secure. Thank you for making sure we have no IT worries!"

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